Gem Cutting, A Lapidary’s Manual is written for the beginner and expert alike. It deals simply with the fundamentals and leads logically into techniques and projects which will challenge even the most advanced cutters. The contents of Gem Cutting, A Lapidary’s Manual are organized into 19 chapters: 1 Gemstones – The Raw Material Of The Lapidary; 2 How To Get Started; 3 Sawing; 4 Grinding; 5 Lapping; 6 Sanding; 7 Polishing; 8 All-Purpose Units; 9 Drilling; 10 Cabochon Gems; 11 How To Cut Cabochons; 12 Faceted Gems; 13 Faceting Equipment; 14 How To Cut Faceted Gems; 15 Spheres And Beads; 16 Tumbling; 17 Carving And Engraving; 18 Mosaic And Inlay Work; 19 Treatment of Gemstones. Appendices provide Mechanical Tables of RPM Verses Pulley Diameter and Rim Speeds For Saws And Wheels; Weights And Measures Useful To The Gem Cutter; Tables Of Angles For Faceted Gems; Magazines And Books. A comprehensive Index is included.


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